What to Look For in Used Lenses

Whether you buy used lenses at a camera store or via classified ads on the internet, there are some things you need to know before you hand over the cash. One is that a used lens can be infested with fungus or mold. Fungus grows inside the elements when lenses are stored in moist conditions and can eat away at the glass over time, ruining the lens. It can also spread to other lenses that are mounted on the same camera body.중고렌즈매입

A decentered lens element is another serious problem that can ruin a lens. This happens when one of the clips that hold an element in place breaks inside the lens and causes it to be out of alignment. It’s usually fixable but it can be expensive. You should check a lens for this before buying it, and make sure you get a full refund if the lens isn’t in good condition.

Other issues that you need to consider include dust, scratches and other cosmetic problems. It’s important to carefully look at the lens in bright light, focusing on something close up and then something far away to check for the kinds of flaws that might show up in photos. A few heavy scratches on the front element won’t be a big deal, but you should avoid buying a lens that has any kind of serious scratching.

The price of a used lens can also depend on where you’re shopping. Some retailers, such as B&H, have a relationship with Canon and get a better wholesale price than small town camera stores that don’t sell much gear. This enables them to play games with customers by offering discounts that Canon wouldn’t offer.

I’ve heard from people that they can sometimes find great deals on used lenses at local camera shops, but the quality of these lenses is often questionable. Especially when it comes to the older, f/2.8 zooms and wider primes. These older lenses were designed and built before the advent of autofocus, and the optical construction is quite different from modern digital lenses. Some users are shocked to learn that a ‘brand name’ lens was actually made by an unknown manufacturer and they paid ‘premium dollars’ for it.

There are many ways to evaluate a used lens, but the best way is to compare it to other lenses on the market. Do a search on ebay and compare sold values to those of similar used lenses with the same box, filters, hood, case, CDs, lead and remaining warranty. Then do the same thing on Amazon and other websites that specialize in photography equipment. Be sure to account for the additional cost of shipping and resale fees. Then you can decide if the used lens is worth it for you.럭키카메라