Hair Transplant – Which Hair Transplant Method is Right For You?

Hair transplant method

Hair Transplant – Which Hair Transplant Method is Right For You?

Hair transplant is a surgery to move healthy hair from the donor area of your scalp to bald or thinning areas. It is commonly performed by dermatologists or plastic surgeons. It can restore your full head of hair, or a partial one, and can help you look younger. A hair transplant can be expensive, but it is a life-changing procedure. Many men and women are willing to invest the money in a procedure that will give them back their confidence and make them look more youthful. Prices for this treatment vary dramatically depending on where it is done, how much hair is being transplanted, the technique or technology used, and the doctor’s reputation. The best way to compare prices and options is to consult several doctors and see what they recommend for your specific case.부산모발이식병원

The most common hair restoration method is called FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). In this surgery, a strip of skin from the back of your head is removed. A technician then dissects the strip into small grafts that can be implanted. FUT hair transplants typically use a needle to create the implantation holes in the skin. The doctor may also use a scalpel or a specialized tool to cut the strip into smaller sections.

This procedure is not without its risks, however. There is a small chance the transplanted hair will not take, and it may fall out or form a noticeable scar. It can also be difficult to find a suitable hairstyle that will cover the new hairline once it grows in. Fortunately, these complications are rare, and most patients experience only mild to moderate swelling and itching after the surgery.

Another popular option for hair transplantation is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This method works by using a motorized punch to extract individual hair follicles from the donor area. It is often used in conjunction with other hair restoration methods, such as FUT and DHI, to provide a more natural appearance. It is also a popular choice for patients with previous linear scars from older hair transplant surgeries.

Stem cells are special undifferentiated or partially differentiated cells that can transform into specialized cell types, such as blood, bone, or muscle cells. They are found in the embryo and throughout the body, but their numbers decrease as you age. Stem cells can be used to help treat a wide range of diseases, including baldness.

The first few months after your transplant will be the most critical period. Your transplanted hair will often fall out, and the new follicles will need time to regenerate and grow in place before they produce permanent hair. This can take up to six months, and it might take a year before you see full results.

After a Hair transplant, you will need to protect your grafts from damage for two weeks. Vigorous physical activity should be avoided for this period, and medication can be taken to reduce inflammation and swelling. After the second week, you can wash your hair normally. However, you should not touch the grafts with your fingers or comb them, as this could disrupt their growth cycle.부산탈모병원